5 Ways A Child Can Make Money Online

Child Can Make Money OnlineIt is unbelievable article. Sure, child can make money online? Yes, sure. It is not far 20 years ago. It just like telling about my 20 years ago. I did not know anything about internet or even computer. Just heard someone said about computer and internet, then imagine. That time vs these days. Now technology is widely spread to young generation since they are young. Some kind even play game since they were 2 years old or younger. They just see their relative or parent play then they can play. That’s is a young generation technology. It is nearly impossible to meet a kid or a teenager who isn’t passionate about the Internet.

Firstly, you may open YouTube to show them some cartoon. Then they can click by themselves and they can watch many things on internet. They can play game on your smart phone well as adults do. Can you imagine?, the Internet is filled with amazing things. Most of kids adapted to internet they rarely leave home for friends. They are already talking to each other online. In Cambodia, Facebook is the most popular social network for all kind of people especially primary for adults. Second one is line or viber. Twitter and link in is for profession.

 Let the kids use their Internet time earning money.

In Cambodia, there are many ways kids can make money online. Not only would they get to stay glued to their social networking, they will also get to be productive, and possibly save up for that pair of sneakers they’ve been eyeing.

Here are five ways Child Can Make Money Online

1. Playing Games

It’s sound like I am suggesting your kids to play game while most of parent does not like kids to adapt game at all. But let read through my article until the end you will get some ideas. When you see your kids playing game do not grab the game controllers out of your kids’s hands, why not suggest that they put their gaming skills to good use by earning their own money? Now saby offer online game and kids, adult and even older people are playing sabay game. Of course they need to have an account and buy credit to play, but they can win reward from sabay each month or year. Beside that they can sell their point to other players. So the can turn playing game into money. But make sure your kids don’t play overnight and away from studying.

In some country, programmers are looking for people to test their games, so when you play their game they will give you money. Kids are best reviewers, because they are creative since game make up a huge chunk of creators’ target market.

2. Do Online Research

It is depend on age and skill of your children and I’m not suggesting that you let your kids offer their research skills to their classmates in exchange for money. If your child is clear enough and skillful to something, a better idea, for instance, is to offer research assistance to college students or academic professionals. It can be more complicated depending on the skills of the child.

3. Writing article for Blog

Many bloggers announce for content writer for their blog. If your son is good at written English and can seriously write stuff that is fun and useful to read then get them write for blogger. Accept content start from 5$.

4.Google Adsense and Youtube monetization

The most popular make money online in Cambodia is Google Adsense and Youtube monetization. So if your kids good at written stuffs help them create blog/website to post their content and earn money with Google Adsense. They can write about some stuffs like reviewing about restaurant, smart phone review, computer review etc.

If your kids like music and tv program, tell them to make money online while watching those stuffs. They can earn money with Youtube monetization by uploading video, music or videos of themselves holding tutorials on fun ideas to Youtube. When visitors visit your kids’ video, your kids earn money. The simple video can be how to learn English such as how to pronounce Versailles properly, or what kind of makeup is appropriate for certain events or how to dress properly.

5. Design and Take Photos

If your kid got talent of graphic design and taking photos, help them design stuff for selling local and online. There are many website online available for free upload your kid’s stuffs for selling like photostock, photoshouter etc. When someone buy your kids’ stuffs via those website, your kids earn money. They can also sell their works to different organizations that use photographs for advertising purposes. How to sell? They can use their Facebook page or their blog/website to sell them easily.

As a parent, you need to remember that the presence of opportunities like these doesn’t mean you should strong-arm your kids into working for business not for studying. You need to ask them to take care of their study too. It’s important that they are willing to but ask them to do at free time only beside study time. So they are aware that you support them. If it pushes through, guide them to a nitty-gritty of business, such as making deals, securing payment process, and even delivery process. It is likely you are teaching them to do a business since they are young. Lastly, make sure that their little enterprise doesn’t get in the way of being kids and Let them have fun while earning money online. This idea does not work for parent who think of working is better than being an enterprise.

So after reading this article if your child does not match skill mention above you can drop by at comment telling me what they like doing  on internet so I can guide you help your child can make money online.



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