57 Kind of SEO Topics to Make Money Online

In this article, I would like to write about what kind of articles that make more money both on website and YouTube. If you get no idea what kind of article to write for website or videos for YouTube, let’s take a look below this paragraph you will see 57 kind of seo topics for you to make more money online. You get an idea:

What kind of seo topics to make you more money

Usually, Google like contents that help people or lead people to do something. Just get you an idea of people searching stuffs online, beside entertainment they are searching for stuffs and helps. So content with “How to” is the most favorite for all people and Google. Ex: how to make money online, khmer how to make money online, how to , etc. Now let’s choose topics you are passion about.

  1. Bank and Loan
  2. Insurance
  3. Real estate
  4. How to repair iPhone screens
  5. How to unlock iPhone
  6. How to unlock smart phone
  7. Tips that Help people get started in entrepreneurship
  8. Parenting tips
  9. High tech gadget tutorials and reviews
  10. Helping authors overcome the barriers to starting
  11. Funny/comedy videos
  12. Personal development Tips
  13. How to create WordPress Theme from Scratch
  14. How to buy Domain Name and Hosting
  15. Write a Book reviews
  16. Write Movie Reviews
  17. Write a Video game play/ Make a video game play
  18. Create Animated series
  19. Recruiting and job advice
  20. DIY videos
  21. Fashion tutorials
  22. Makeup tutorials
  23. “Makeovers” of items purchased at thrift stores or flea markets
  24. Write a Leadership and management tips
  25. Graphic design tutorials tips
  26. Love and relationship tips
  27. Science tutorials tips
  28. Write about Herbs, vitamins and supplements reviews
  29. Personal finance and investing tips
  30. Poetry, music, and find arts tips
  31. Create video about Animals and Nature
  32. Documentary series
  33. Fitness tutorials and motivation videos
  34. How to keep yourself looking young while aging
  35. Managing diseases and improving health tips
  36. Create video for Language tutorials
  37. Tips how to work while traveling around the world
  38. Choreography or dancing tutorials
  39. Inspirational videos
  40. Self development and spirituality tips
  41. Create video & write content about Yoga, Qi Gong, Reiki, meditation, etc)
  42. Create video for Health and fitness tutorial
  43. Write and create video for How to generate website traffic
  44. Original musical compositions
  45. Natural bodybuilding advice
  46. How to videos on setting up a WordPress website
  47. Facebook Marketing with Videos
  48. Music videos and interviews
  49. Cooking tutorials
  50. Gardening tips
  51. Pet care tips
  52. Write or create video for Places to visit
  53. Architecture
  54. Book trailer
  55. Toy reviews and openings
  56. Mindfulness videos
  57. Business advice

Hope this article help you make money online. Any more idea, let drop us at comment section.

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