How to Apply for Google Adsense Fast killer tip

Apply for Google AdSense is not too difficult and don’t be annoyed but consider what you can improve next. Many bloggers make mistake that why they fail to get AdSense approval.

The problem can be one of these:

  • You don’t post enough content or contents are unacceptable.
  • Your website is not yet ready or under construction.
  • You’ve got poor design of your blog. Poor users experience website.
  • No basic important pages like privacy policy, about us or contact us page that Google need each website or blog should have.
  • You do not comply with Google policies term.

How to get Website approved fast?

There are 3 main important things to be discuss before you submitting to Google AdSense Application. It is concern quality of content, format and structure, traffic.

  1. What is the Purpose of Website

Your website should have one thing give to people reason why they have to visit. Simply, your website have contents that benefit to readers. Write something than can help ready grow knowledge or train them something to earn money.

  1. Website’s Content is about?

You need to concern about contents to be posted in your website. Below is some clue that can help you clear:

  • Quality content: It is first thing to concern. You need to have contents with high quality written in English. High quality contents here mean useful and easy to read. Style of writing like using heading for title and subtitle easy to make readers understand. Google like text than images so your contents should have more text.
  • Uniqueness: Google hate your website if you copy contents from others. So you need to write article by yourself or hire someone in local or freelancer at fevirr to write contents for you. If you use images, make sure you design by yourself.
  • Relevant content: When you write contents, you must think about what else to write related to topic you are writing. Do not post contents that are not relevant to another, because it become useless. Readers will leave you website soon. Stick on a topic and write from head to toes.
  • Content length: You should publish at least 10 to 15 pages and each them should consists of 500 words or more.
  • No plagiarism & illegal content: Don’t post contents that you copy from other website or using auto generating software. Google automatically rejects your application.
  • No ads: If you have and alternative ads on you website you must remove all, before you submitting website to Google AdSense application.
  1. Website’s Layout and Format
  • Simple template or themes: Choose a standardized and basic theme that can put a top banner, top menu, right widget, and footer menu. Use Responsive template to get users experience your website so that you can get more traffic from smart phone.
  • Categorize: Category you contents if you have different type of topic to write about. Set up drop down menu for main topic and subtitle.
  • Breadscrum: It is important to set breadcrumb because it tells visitors where they are now on your website.
  • Fast loading: Optimize your images and use them where necessary only because too many images or videos affect your website performance.
  • Font family and size: professional font size are 12px and 14px, and its types should be Verdana, Serif, San Serif, Arial, Tahoma, and more or you can use google web font.
  1. Visitor & Traffic

Google loves popular websites that generate high traffic.  Google know you’re your website is worth reading. However, you do not need mass traffic to get your website approve. But if you have mess traffic you can earn much more as well. If you can target visitors from European country like USA, UK, Canada, you will get approve faster and earn much better. Make sure you use white hat strategy to gain traffic to your website or Google will rejected and penalized.

If you have all about mention, you are ready to apply for Google AdSense. Then Sign up and follow step by step of instruction.

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