How To Check What WP Theme is that a Site being used

what wp theme is thatKhmer how to never tire of writing article that help. Today I have another article that help everybody to easily check WordPress Theme and WordPress Plugin are being used in a website. WordPress is a famous platform being used worldwide. I have been using WordPress Theme for long time, but I’ve just found a recovery on how to check what WP Theme is that a site used.

Focus on website design and user experience, it is not difficult to identify the layout is WordPress Theme or some other design. The difficulty is to know what the name of the WordPress Themes are being used. It is quite natural that you may visit some website and like a theme a WordPress websites currently available. So you will want to know what the name of the theme.
Today, I have a tool for you to check with techniques and tools are free to use and will enable you to understand the theme name in a minute.

Using 3rd party Tools to check what WP theme is that

There are many free website offer this service for free. You can check the website design is WordPress Theme or a Custom Design for just a minute. I would recommend you the most popular tools in the article are:


This is the most popular tool to check. It detect website if it is WordPress and then show what the WordPress Theme is being used. If WordPress Themes are customized it also show us. Sometime the original WordPress Theme name is changed then you will need other technical skill to check.

What wp Theme is That is design for friendly interface you can use it without instruction. But I need to tell you for more information to be clear.

You can see a text box below “the What WP Theme Is That?” Just copy past URL or website domain into the box then click on search icon. Information of WordPress Theme is shown if website you are trying to check is WordPress Platform. Result Search will be theme name, theme homepage, author of the theme and homepage, description of the theme, version of the theme, a screenshot of the theme, plugin detect. So you can easily know your competitor plugin. This method is effectively use.

Wp Theme Detector:

You can try to check WordPress Themes for free with this tools. It show the WordPress Themes uses is premium theme or free theme.
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