How to Create a free blog on BlogSpot Google product

When talking about free blog is a bit general because there are many blog you can create free blog. But Google Blog or BlogSpot is the most popular since it is a Google product. Most bloggers like BlogSpot because it is easy to use and all in one product in Google.

To create a BlogSpot for free you need to have an email account. It is Gmail account. When you create a Gmail account, BlogSpot is already there in your account. What you need to do is to create domain and configure.


Setup a Blogger account:

In order to get started with Blogger, you’ll first need to create an Email account. If you already have, let’s login. Then on the right side of your account see picture below and click on logo blogger or you can go directly to www.blogger.com and click the “Continue to Blogger” button.

setup blog


Then click on “New Blog” you see in picture below.

New Blog

STEP THREE: Setup blogSpot domain

set up domain for blogger

Now name your blogger domain. Give domain name at “address” and blog name at “Title”. Now click “create a blog”. Now you are successful create a blog.

Name of blog can be name of you or anything like your niche. When you name your blog, you may see the yellow button with ! that mean blog name is not available. Choose your domain name until they give you the green color.

Address is a name of your blog where people will see in Google Search or they can type something like

http://healthytips2017.blogspot.com/ then they can read something on your blog.

What you do next to prepare article to post into your blog. You have to post at least 30 posts and set up strategy to bring traffic to your blog. However, recently BlogSpot need to wait at least 3months to 6 months depending on country and traffic you have. When you blog is qualified enough for AdSense, you will see “Sign up for AdSense” available in the earning menu in you blog.


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