How to Create WordPress Blog For Beginners

This article will guide you how to create WordPress Blog and setup your WordPress blog. This is an exclusively guide for new bloggers who want to set up their blog on WordPress platform. With WordPress blog you have a full control all over you blog.

Step How to Create WordPress Blog

When you decide to apply AdSense, top domain is the best. Google love top domain. Top domain refer to www.yourdomain.com like mine is www.khmerhowto.com. Create a WordPress blog is easy just have domain and hosting.

What to prepare for creating a WordPress blog is Webhosting and domain name. Web hosting is where your files will be stored, and domain is the name of your blog. You can check domain name and buy hosting from namecheap.com, which comes cheap domain $10.69/year and cost $ 9.88/year for normal hosting package and Unlimited bandwidth. If you do not have domain name, Sign up for namecheap and buy one domain.

If you already have, they will send you cPanel. So go to your cPanel and login.

  • Go to WordPress and click on WordPress logo
  • Click “Install”
  • Choose your domain name, name your blog, blog description, put admin name and password.

Now next step you need to do is one click install WordPress blog on your domain. This process will take another 3 minutes and then you have a message installation completed.

After you finished install your WordPress blog, you need to make few changes such as setting up Permalink, and few other settings. But do not worry, you can do later or keep use default theme if you do not know.

If you do not know how to create WordPress blog, you can as someone who has experience to help you or hire someone at Fiverr.com to help you just for $5.

Next step after you successfully install WordPress, you have to prepare contents for posting. If you already prepared is better. You can start posting and sharing to your friends. They will read your article and gain some traffic to your blog.

Now it is not the time you apply for AdSense yet. You need to wait you have enough contents and your blog age is old enough. But do not worry!! Be follow me you will be able to apply Google AdSense just few week.

Google need Original content: So you must write your own contents and do not copy from others website. Google knows if you write by your own or your copy from others. Do not try to play with Google algorism because it lead your website to be rejected by Google AdSense team. If you do not know what to write about, you can see What kind of content or video make you more money in blog and Youtube?

Structure of your blog: You must have important menu like about me, Contact us, Privacy. These page tell your readers about you and they can contact your if they have questions. Google want these page exist.

Traffic is important: Google want to see your blog active. If you have good traffic, Google thinks your blog have something advantage to people to read. Instead, you can share you post to social like Facebook, Google Plus, Linkind, twitter etc.

If you write original content with well design of your blog layout and some good traffic, soon you will successfully get approval from Googld AdSense.

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