How to make money with YouTube 2016 in Cambodia

How to make money with YouTube 2016 in CambodiaMake money online is a hot topic in Cambodia. Lots of people are interested in make money online. Those people wonder how they can make money with YouTube or any other ways. While other don’t know or even have interested in the way they use internet nowadays can make money.

There are lots of people making lots of money at this time. They can earn even thousands of thousand dollar per month. Not all of them success and make such amount of money. It seem not too difficult to make money online, but it difficult and need technic and skill.

Now come to our topic make money with YouTube

Nearly 100% of users who know to use computer know YouTube. People who can use internet the YouTube website is for their entertainment. YouTube is the most popular entertainment website and also the most popular website for make money online line too. Other people still wonder of how to they can make money and some believe that is a cheating. The flow is that advertisers pay to Google and Google pays to publishers then visitors make money for publishers.

YouTube is a giant video website. Lots of companies advertise with YouTube and YouTube shares revenue to publishers. If you want to make money with YouTube, you have to make good and useful videos and upload to YouTube. Good videos and useful videos can make lots of money.

AdSense with YouTube is easy to be approved. Usually around 2 hour review or even less than this. Recently younger account with email from Cambodia cannot monetize, but that is not secret for us. We can make YouTube accept our account monetized and get approved.

What to do to get YouTube approved?

  1. Great Gmail account-fill out you information with username, date of birth, contact and so on.
  2. Sign in YouTube- Great your first channel.
  3. Upload videos- Videos must be unique created by you. You can record video for uploading to youtube something just few minutes is enough. Just upload one or two videos is enough. After upload don’t forget get it published.
  4. Change country- Go to “Channel” menu at the left side-Then go to “Advance”. Change country to “United State or Other Europe” then save.
  5. Then come back to “Channel “menu again. Then you will see “Monetization” and next to it there a “Enable”. Click it and follow “Next” button until you got “Got It” button. Finish this step your videos are monetized.
  6. Link account- You now will receive an email or see a blue bar just alert at the top of you YouTube Channel board. Then you click on “Link my account”. It requires you login email. Then use your recently email that you are using with you YouTube account.
  7. Information- Fill in you real name follow your nationality ID. And other required information. Then click “Submit”.
  8. Account Review- Your account will be review within few hour. No need to do anything, just keep waiting.
  9. Account approve or disapproved- After few hour, you will receive an email confirm successfully activate or disapproved.
  10. If your account get approved then you can login in to http://www.google.com/adsense (login with your email and password). If you cannot login, it mean your account still not yet approved or disapprove.
  11. If your account get approved, then it time for you to make money. Upload your original videos to YouTube.
  12. Share your videos with your social media and enjoy income.

Hope all step about can help you great an AdSense account to make money with YouTube. There also other technique and something more that you will learn in the next articles.

See our video for detail.


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