How to make money writing articles online in Cambodia as a freelancer

Since the advantage of the internet, everyone has been on search for possible avenue to make extra money online. There are various type of freelancer job, people can make money. One of the best possible way to make extra money from the internet is by writing articles. Make money writing articles the best way for freelancers who are good at writing.

I recommend you read this article until the end. Here I stated emphatically that you can make money writing online and I will reveal all in this article, just stick with me. I believe that everyone have English skill, so I will be easy for you to write articles with 500 word or more.

Let’s Start A Guide Of Make Money Writing Articles Online

There are many people from individual and corporate who are interesting in your talent in writing articles for their companies. Those target clients are Bloggers, Website administrators, Authors, Content creators etc.

Bloggers and websites owners are constantly face with the challenge of writing unique content consistently. They need talent contents writers with a unique qualities content to rank their website on google or gain their audience. Usually at first step bloggers may write contents by their own, soon it become harder when business grow or they busy with others business. So it is your chance to write content update their website for them. If you have talent to write the best unique contents that gain more traffic to their website, then you are gold.


The major problem of getting clients for your writing abilities comes due to the inability to find a stable environment or platform to express yourself. I can give you some idea for first step.

– Now you are living and working with technology, you work and spend free time on social network like facebook, twitter, linkedin, line, viber etc. These social network can help you get clients, because you can connect with them and promote yourself by sending message to them, writing some tips to share with them.
– You can promote your talent by creating videos with Microsoft PowerPoint to express how challenge you are to write excellent contents.
– You can use a blogspot or full domain blog to write content marketing and share them. They read your articles and they get interested in your article, they will contact you.
– Nowadays, bloggers is the best target clients for you. Bloggers have lots of type of topics to write for them.
Below are the most common online job sites where you can put your writing service up for hire. You can start with them where I started my online job too.
Fiverr $5dolar Job
In my previous articles, I already wrote about

These all where my articles can help you find place to work online. You can try register among 4 website about to work first. Then next article, I will write another top 27 websites make money writing online you can truth.


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  1. Could you please tell me how to write quality content or unique content? Nowadays I’m not good in English, so I cannot write a unique article as well as other Money Online Maker. But when I ask someone they don’t tell me truly, they just lie or diverse out of my topics I’m asking.

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