How to record video for uploading to youtube?

How to recordHow to record video is very simple does not need technical skill. You just thing that I just like learning word & excel. I tell you step by step then you can do by yourself anytime. What is requirement is that you have a willing to learn then you can make much more money.

This article is showing you how to record video for uploading to YouTube, but you can you record anything you want after you know it from my tutorial.

Software for recording video

As my experience, there are many software I have used. All software have its advantage and disadvantage. It depend on job you are working on. At the first time, I use camtasai to record all kind of video job. Camtasia is professional recording program, but if you want it fast you cannot force camtasia to do fast for you.

I am also a busy man, but I try to learn how to make money online. I always thinks if there could be a way to earn money while we were sleeping. It is not a network. I do not like network. If I do, I will do online.

Camtasia make me disappointed. It take time to record and save. So I find other recording software. Then I find Ocam is better and faster. But what I do not like about it is that the ads alert on it. The last one is bandicam is my last favorite recording software I use.

bandicam is very fast and product good quality video. Bandicam is fast economic time saving for me. I can record more videos since I use bandicam. It is easy to use. Just click record video and stop recording when finish. They you can upload video to Youtube.

How to record tv video using bandicam

Just simply,

Install bandicam program is simple. You just follow next button and finish button.

Activate program

Set format setting as picture below to get high quality video.

  • Video tab
    • Format : Setting : Size:Full Size, Quality:90-100, FPS:30.00fps, 90q, Code: PCM

How to Start recording

Open komsan.tv and move black recording bar to you place where you want to record and drag to resize screen as you want. Click on the tween rectangle icon on the left and last on black bar to resize recording screen. Then click on REC to record. When you want to stop click stop. Then upload video to Youtube that all. See more video how to record video using bandicam.

However, bandicam cannot edit its recording video by program itself. If you want to edit you need other software. While recording you can add a logo to show your own copyrights on video. If you want more advance you need to use Camtasia because you can edit video, adding text and some other effect. But think for before your decide to use any of them. It depend on job you are working on. If just recording and upload bandicam is economic time saving for you.

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