How to withdraw money from adsense not reach threshold $81

You’ve already known that you can withdraw money from Google AdSense unless your google adsense threshold reach $100. In this article, I will show how to withdraw money from adsense not reach threshold,your $81 AdSense Earning even it is not yet reach the threshold.

I experienced with my Youtube account earning not reach the threshold.The problem is that my channel was suspended and YouTube does not allow me to create a new one. I was still able to access to AdSense account and see earning. I was trying to change email authorization in that account and create new YouTube account from those email. I associated those channel to Adsense account. Unfortunately, just few hours those channel were suspended.The I did it again and again, but never succeed.

So now I will not boring you with long tail story. I will show how I withdraw my google earning.

How to withdraw money from adsense not reach threshold

To withdraw, you need your account verified first. I mean you already verify AdSense PIN and setup google adsense payment methods. In my case, I setup withdraw money with Western Union. If you have not yet get PIN, you need to check with post office and get your account verified. This video show you how to setup payment method to withdraw money from adsense not reach threshold.

Warning: You follow my method when you cannot create YouTube Chanel anymore.

  1. You need to login to your AdSense Account.
  2. Go to setting
  3. Go to Account information
  4. Then click on Cancel account

Please image below

How to withdraw money adsense

Then you will get an email tell you that you will receive your final payment during next cycle, if your balance is greater that $10.00.


And you will see. This screen shown everytime you login to your AdSense account. Other features are close and you can see your earning when you click on payment information.



After you close your account, you need to wait until they send you a receipt.Then let’s party!


In conclusion, I hope this article will help How to withdraw money from adsense not reach threshold when you are not reach threshold successfully.


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  1. Hi Sir,
    In November 2016 my adsens account have balance 93.00$, then on the December 02, 2016 my youtbe channel is suspeded, but i can still login my adsense account and on December 13, 2016, my adsense account balance reach 120.00$, so can i get the payment from adsens while my youtube channel is already suspended?

    I hope you help answer me because i am new for youtube earning.
    Best Regards,

    • Sorry for being late to reply. Hope you still need answer.I am not manager this site for long.
      Answer to your question: You can withdraw, by go to setting follow my instruction in this post.

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