How To Write Great Contents In 4 Simple Steps 2016

How to write Great ContentsEveryone always tell me that you need to know how to write great contents in order to boost traffic you my blog. They tell me to focus on three things with the key success online bloggers.
– Traffic to your website.
– Content that engages your visitors.
– Marketing Contents.

Write contents that make them learn, so they will come back to ready your blog. They find your website useful then they book mark your website. They tell their friends to visit, then you have traffic like snowball.

It is not that simple, because to make they ready unless your contents is special. There are hundreds of hundred available online. Lots of bloggers are writing crazing reading contents and they gain lots of traffic to their website.
Compare to native, we cannot write very well as they do. Some people go stuck and leave. I was stuck too when I firstly writing my first content. I do not know where to start next. But after spending from one by one, I can write a bit faster and greater.
No one is perfect! So you need a plan of writing that will not get you stuck along the way.

How To Write Great Contents
Step 1: Pick your topic that special

Let’s think of what are you going to write about. Do not choose lots of topic to write which make you once go to the left and once go to the right. You will not chain your contents to make your readers stay long. If you choose how to make money online topic, then write all contents related to that topic. For better is to list a list of content idea:
Then review your content ideas and try spinning word. Then you are going to dig your idea come to fresh, normally your idea never come out fresh all the time.

If your contents is about WH question, you can write lots of content both positive and negative. You can use “How to” or “How not to”. Contents with WH question is good enough, because it help readers to know or do something. After your first content is posted, you will know what to write for next.

You may write about your street food, vocation travel etc. Amazing travel 7 is writing about his travel job make him tell you story.

I can write many contents for this blog because I choose only one topic to write. The topic is about how to make money online. So I write lots of contents related to make money.

Step 2: Doing Research your posts

If you still feel not confident to write, you can choose a title and search in Google to see what pro blogger write about. Then read their contents and scan. You will have idea to write. In wikihow, you can learn lots of topic to write about how to topic.

Step 3: Writing the posts

Firstly, you can copy their content and spin, but must spin with your idea and write as content by writing a new paragraph adding spicy to you contents . Do not try to copy their contents to your blog or you will not be not ranked by Google Search Engine.
Your first writing should be 400-500 words is good or even less than this if you cannot. Do not try to spin with online spinning website, because it just can keep you from plagilism only. You contents mush readable and related.

Step 4: Content Marketing

After follow steps 1 of 3 then your contents will great enough to rank. Next step is marketing your contents. You must have heard a lots about term of content marketing. You must show your contents to readers. Share your contents to readers via social like Facebook, twitter, linkind, google plus etc.

Note: In terms of content seo
SEO is one particular niche. That is another step you will need to do more research, because it is not always easy to include. Basically, you can use Google Keyword Tool to see what people are searching and what phrase they are using.

Finally, hope my content is good enough to help you how to write great contents step into blog success. Any idea, please drop for me in comment section. I will update this content to reach its greatest.


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