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Who is Author of this Blog?

My name is Lucky Money. I am living in Phnom Penh, Cambodia. I am a part-time Freelancer who is interested in how to make money online via internet marketing. I have been a freelancer for years because it is my favorite and I am feel free to work everywhere with internet connection. Besides I am also a web developer at a private company in Phnom Penh.

Why Khmer How to Make Money Online is advantage for you? is, a khmer make money online, designed to guide those are interested in earning online. Basically, people want to earn extra money beside their job, but they do not have enough time to work other places. Khmer how to make money online will help you with guide from beginner blogger. With my simple English level and may be a little bit mistake of grammar will help you understand things quicker.

Basically, my posts focus on how to make money online which include internet marketing lead to concepts and steps of make money with affiliate marketing, Google AdSense, CPA, CPL, and building traffic strategy. There will be hundreds and hundreds of tips to help you success in make money online in Cambodia and World Wide.

Why blogging is my addict?

At my young day of IT school, I do not believe that people can work online. I just heard someone said they can make hundreds of dollar every months at home. I did not know what they did because they never told me. Google is my best instructor because he can tell me everything. However, I still confuse and do many things wrong on internet waste time without earning.

When I get the point, I can make extra income as they said. It cannot stop me from thinking and searching for new things and better ways. So besides working as full-time web developer, I spend time working on the internet. It make me addict to set in front of my old friend (laptop). I like searching and sharing what I know to other people. Online is worldwide, so why do I need to keep earning alone while you and lots of my friends want to make extra income? I guide them to who interest and get them to success is my success.

My Belief & hope?

Well, I want to make my blog popular and benefit to all people around the World in the future. Then we can build a blogger group to join with professional blogger around the world. I hope my blog will be like Your comment will improve this blog!

How to Contact & Comment me?

I am not a perfect. I am open-minded who would like to hear constructive feedback to make this blog better and benefit to our visitors.

If any problems encountered or have concern regarding posts and other things, please kindly fill out contact form and submit it to me. I will reply as soon as possible.

 Note: Serious comments – things related with political or social matters, effect individuals or any people will not be approved.

Thanks you for dropping by and read my blog!

Lucky Money