Top 10 Google AdSense Tips to Increase Revenue

After get AdSense approval, the next things to do is to think about how to increase revenue with Google AdSense. You can earn more when people give you more clicks and views. To get more clicks you need to know how to attract your audience to gain them click on ads you place on website. I have a top 10 Google AdSense tips that can help you to increase revenue.

Base on Google’s AdSense policy, you can place ads into more than one website. So you can set up more blog and post attractive content so that readers interest and come to visit you blog again and again. You will then generate good income. Readers do not like massive and so be careful to place ads because it could be annoys readers from surfing your website.
To increase your online revenue with GoogleAdSense, I have some tips to help you.

1. Choose ads size

Think about side of ads you should place on website. The popular ads size are (336×280) Large Rectangle, (300×250) Medium Rectangle, and (160×600) Wide Skyscraper. Now Google AdSense have another recommend ads size for responsive theme. It is also good idea to choose responsive ads because it will reflex on difference devices.

2. Place ads to the right place

Placing ads is important to your earning revenue. You have idea where to place ads from other website If you do not sure where to place on your website. However, you should choose simple wordpress theme that is easy to place ads and attract reader’s eyes. Place ads to where you thinks people often have first look. The popular place is on the top or header, below navigation bar, left or right widget and above footer. This place always attract readers.

3. Choose highly paid keywords

Google AdSense display advertisement base on your keyword found on your pages or posts. If your content about HRM (Human Resources Management), Google will display ads of business, human resources software or something related to human resource management. There are certain types of keywords that pay big commission such as, business, insurance, loan, mortgage, attorney, and so on.

4. Attract high paid traffic to your website

Expert says good paying click is from European countries like USA, UK, Canada, because people in those countries are likely to buy stuffs they click. That’s advertisers pay google more and google pay you more too. So you need to targetyour audience. However, audience from all over the world pay you money.

5. Use both text and image ads

Both text or image ads generate revenue, but usually readers pay most attention on graphics. Picture can tell reader more than word.

6. Customize colors for ads

You should customize the look of advertisement by applying similar color to background of your website. Make sure that Ads will not hurt visitors’ eyes. Ready click your ads because they do not know that is a real advertisement.
7. Limit ads units per page
Do not make your posts or pages become advertisement board. Maximum is three units per page. Do not try to annoy your readers.

8. Block low-pay advertisers

You can block any advertisers who pay you too little per click. Another way is to block any advertisement that affect loading speed of your website. So that you can have high paying advertisement which increase revenue.

9. Keep updated

You have to keep update with Google policies and trend of Google AdSense so you can boost your revenue.

10. Protect Your AdSense click fraud

This has been always the worry of publishers. Click fraud can hurt your revenue earning or lead to ban AdSense account.
Thing you should do
• Do not asking someone to click on ads or click by yourself.
• Install a click fraud plugin if you use WordPress.
• Install Google Publisher Toolbar on chrome so that you can login to your AdSense account to post and view safely.

Hope this Google AdSense Tips can help you make more money and success earning with Google AdSense.

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