Top 7 Ways to Boost Traffic to Your Blog

Traffic is the most important thing that effect your income generation. Search Engine Optimization​(SEO) is what you need to take care about.If you have good articles, but no one know about so how it come to benefit. If you want to make more money, your blog must have more traffic. The more you traffic you boost, the more revenue you will make. So you need to Boost Traffic to Your Blog.

There are lots of bloggers who write same article talking about how to get more traffic to a website. I hope this awesome article will also help you to get more traffic. Never wait google find you, because you will have less change to be rank unless Google find your blog with awesome article and never seen before. You need to bring them to your website or you will not earn much as you want. Read this Top 10 Google AdSense Tips to Increase Revenue to learn more about ways to make more money.

There are many ways you can boost traffic to your website for free. Below are top 10 ways to boost blog traffic which is popular method recommended by pro bloggers.

 1. Boost Traffic from Social Network

First easy way to get traffic is to share your website to social network. Everyone can do this easily because everyone can use facebook, twitter, pinterest, google plus, Google community, and Linkedin. You can share your blog’s post to you timeline or great page and group to get unlimited readers.

If you write about professional content, Linkedin is great place to share your content. Avoid posting entertainment content in this professional network.

2. Boost Traffic  by Blog Comment

Blog comment is the easy ways you can gain traffic. You should prepare a schedule to visit popular blog or forum and spend a minute to comment on their article by inserting your blog’s url there. You can also comment on other video on Youtube Channel as well.

3. Boost Traffic by Posting New Articles

When readers come to your blog, they want to see new article, and new idea. If you have new article, and new idea that can help readers, you will keep existing visitors and gain new readers to come to your blog. If you have time, post an article per day is much better.

4. Boost Traffic by Youtube Videos

You can make money by two ways with Google AdSense. You earn from your website and earn from Youtube Channel by uploading videos to your Channel and monetization your videos. You can place your blog url in your video description so that visitor can click from there. You may create video how to do something as you write in your blog then invite them to see your blog for more help tips.

5. Boost Traffic by Sharing free e-book

If you have free e-books let’s share them for free to people.  In that e-book, you should include your blog’s link so that readers can ready something more on your blog.


6. Boost Traffic by Exchanging Links


Join related bloggers club to share each other links as networking. You can also join blogger community or forum from famous blogger like CopyBlogger, Problogger etc. This method will help you get traffic from their blogs with same visitor’s interest topic.

7. Boost Traffic by Business Directory

Business directory website is a good website with high ranking in search engine. So you can submit your blog with keyword and information to their directory. Some business directory you can try include Yellowpage, Greenpage, Whitepages, Superpages, camads etc. This method will give you high ranking backlink. Avoid using black hate seo or it will get your block not index by google search engine.

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