Video SEO in WordPress with Yoast Video SEO plugin

Video SEOJoost de Valk is famous for his WordPress SEO plugin. We have a great regard to trying his seo plugin. We love his seo plugin while amazing things happen and benefit to our business while it works like a magic. We tried the Yoast SEO extension on our WordPress websites and quickly our website ranking high for even some crazing keyword and basic knowledge we have. In this article, we will show you how to use Yoast SEO for videos in WordPress. You can download Video SEO by Yoast plugin here and practice right now.

Before we go for next, we would like to tell you that WordPress SEO by Yoast is a free plugin, the Yoast Video SEO is premium costs from $69.This video seo module takes care on how to rank video in google video or in other search engine.

What does Video SEO module do?

Show your videos in Google videos etc.
Enhance the experience of sharing posts with videos on facebook, twitter, Pinterest etc.
Make videos responsive all device.
It creates a video sitemap on you site which help you embedded video indexes automatically.
It support popular video platforms like ( Youtube, Vimeo,Blip, Dailymotion etc.)
It is a must for a video blogger or a blogger that like to embed videos in their posts, because it will help your video rank quickly and get a higher click through rate (High CTR).

How to take advantage of Yoast Video SEO plugin?

It is not a free! You need to purchase the Video SEO plugin with cost $69. To use Yoast Video SEO you must have WordPress SEO by Yoast plugin installed. Install Video SEO plugin that you have purchase then simply activate plugin. Then you will see a new menu item shown under the SEO menu call Video SEO.

Video Seo by Yoast

Now enter the license key. You will see new option on this page include video sitemap.

Screen appear in this page may have more custom post type if you have more post types. Just select the option you want to index and save. Don’t forget press Re-Index Video. Plugin will find the embedded videos and those videos will then be index in your sitemap.

Video Seo by Yoast setting


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