Why Google Webmaster Tools Important for blog/website?

Search engine optimization is the main concern for all website/ blogger. Every blogger and website owner need SEO for their blogger or website. Google produce many product for us easy to do SEO. Google Webmaster Tools is a google online tool used by millions of bloggers and professor for checking most of the statistics of their Website/Blog. Google search result and almost all the stats related to site performance is the key concern and Google Webmaster Tool can do that.

It is a must for every blogger to use this service to help us to improve our site and its performance in the search engines result. However it does not show the traffic stats of a blog, instead it shows the amount of clicks on a certain link of your blog in the search engine result. If you want to see the traffic and other related stats you can check in the Google Analytics which is also another free service provided by Google.

Below is the way how to us Google Webmaster Tools:

Firstly, go for login

Sitemap Submission

There are many way to create and submit a sitemap to Google, except blogger. Submitting the sitemap is an important factor in building up the search ranking of your blog or website. Sitemap is a list of all your website posts and its link. It is very essential as it can help the search engines to index our blog or website and all its link easily.

To get a Google index faster and rank higher, more traffic is better to add a sitemap through Webmaster Tools rather than doing some other long SEO processes. We can also buy submition service if you do not know what to do. I have no recommendation because I usually do it by myself.

Search Queries

This section show us the search terms which are performing well or not well for our blog. It shows a list of queries which are bringing us the highest organic traffic.

Crawl Errors

This is the most useful tool in the Webmaster Tools showing us the missing 404 error page. This is very important to for us to fix it or we will lost lots of target visitor. This because of post are deleted and it cannot find.

We can fix this 404 error by making a redirect to other pages. So that we can gain visitor to interest with others pages.


This is also important in Google Webmaster Tools to help you find out the number of backlinks that your blog has obtained. It show that some website are link to you. Some website may write some article about you and then give reference. Or it link from commenting in other website. To make your website/blog to become more popular need backlinks. All backlink and its detail are listed in the backlink section.

Malware Checking

Malware is virus or some infectious things that can ruin your blog and visitors who visit your blog. It will install automatically to your visitor computer. A Malware affected Blog can become a blog with zero visitors by searching crawled. When google find your website/blog infected by malware, your website/blog will be blocked by google. You can remove it by Google Webmaster Tools or some other Malware checker available over the net.

Structured Data

Structured Data is a way of telling search engines to know about the way your website/blog is about and how all the pages and posts are categorized. You might have noticed in search results that some of search results have a different type of appearance thus increasing attention result receives. If your website/blog does not have a Structured Data, you can form one using Data highlighter.

HTML Improvement

HTML Improvement is a Google Webmaster Tools showing you all error in your HTML website theme/blogger template. So it can helps you to improve the HTML of your website thus improving the whole website. Sometime a small error can cause your website SEO improvement.

Google Authorship

Google Authorship is a feature of Google which shows the photo of the author of the articles in the search result. You can see author photo below the links result in google search. It help readers to know who the author of the article is.

If your authorship does not show up along search result, you can check in Structure Data again

Conclusion, Google webmaster tool is very important for your blog/website. Want SEO improvement, you need Google webmaster tool.



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